CyberDodo and Dodos (1-2)

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In order to emphasise, from the start of this case file, the exceptional, tragic characteristics of Dodos, note that they were part of the bird family even though they could not fly, that the lack of predators enabled them to build their nests on the ground and that when man arrived on the island of Mauritius, it was barely even a challenge for him to track them down...

Curious, they followed their executioners and were caught and eaten, while dogs, cats, pigs, goats and other rats that the humans had transported with them destroyed their nests and broods.

In order to understand the depths of the tragedy that afflicted CyberDodo’s ancestors, we only need to look at 2 figures: they were discovered at the end of the 16th century and had all been exterminated less than a century later.


Dodos are often depicted as resembling fat turkeys weighing more than 10 kgs (some authors even talk of 20 kgs), with more or less dark plumage and yellow on their legs, as well as a characteristic growth of the same colour on their beaks.

When we see our friend CyberDodo, we can easily imagine what his ancestors looked like, although unfortunately we can only see him virtually, as a result of the acts of man.

CyberDodo the Defender of Life

To which living animal are Dodos the most clearly related?

Physical resemblance with turkeys is genetically mistaken since, according to scientists, the Dodo’s actual cousins would be pigeons and doves.

Where does the Dodo’s name come from?

There are several answers to this question, ranging from Dodo’s call - ‘Doo Doo’ - which could have been given to him by man, which could have been via the Dutch or Portuguese etymology, the latter being the first to have visited the island of Mauritius.

It must be pointed out that scientists called it the ‘Dronte’.

Have Dodos disappeared forever?

The progress of science gives us hope that one day it will be possible to use bones and other parts of preserved Dodos from excavations to extract their DNA and bring this species to life, which inspired this terrible expression in English: ‘dead as a dodo’. 

For now it is only a dream, we hope that it will become reality much quicker.

Numerous authors anticipated this return by integrating them in their work, such as Lewis Carroll in ‘Alice in Wonderland’.

CyberDodo’s ancestor


The Dodo has become a symbol of extinction, as its recent disappearance (in the wake of history) due to human activities that are disrespectful of the Environment were indicative of the ecological disaster taking place.

This is why CyberDodo® came back to the earth, so that the tragedy his family went through could not afflict any other species, starting with young people. He is a universal Ambassador, breaking all barriers regarding race, sex, religion, politics and society.

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