CyberDodo and the farmyard (1-25)

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Although, in the beginning, the expression ‘farmyard’ described a farming zone, it has evolved and is also used in modern times, particularly regarding animals raised by peasants.

Traditionally, the farmyard consisted of poultry, that is, chickens, ducks, turkeys, geese, even ostriches, quails, pheasants, guinea fowls and pigeons. Chickens are generally first on this list, because they contribute to the peasant economy in many ways. Daily with their eggs and regularly with their meat.

Other types of poultry are also raised for their eggs and their meat, but in a less systematic manner.

Chickens, the ‘stars’ of the farmyard

A farmyard often has other animals, such as rabbits, which are of interest to the peasant because of their meat and sometimes also their fur.

Rabbits, champions of reproduction

They are accompanied by pigs which, depending on the country and tradition, are often full members of the ‘farmyard’.

Other animals can be found in the surrounding area, such as dogs and cats, cows, goats, sheep and of course horses.
The horse, often a farmyard neighbour

The farmyard represents or represented a major pillar in family operations which, apart from what was sold outside, produced all or part of the food needed to sustain the farm occupants.

The disappearance of many of them as a result of industrial production, with the questions that arise in terms of the loss of biodiversity, pollution and even quality in certain cases is damaging for the environment and therefore for mankind.

The farmyard is an example of rational and sustainable farming which must be conserved, with man only taking what he needs, while respecting his animals.

When the human being forgets his ancestral connection linking him to Nature, he puts himself in serious danger…

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