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The International Convention on the Rights of The Child is the treaty which was signed by the largest number of countries, therefore it should be perfectly understood by all children and respected by all adults.

Unfortunately, we know that this is not so, with terrible consequences for hundreds of millions of children worldwide; this dramatic situation is what motivated The UN High Commissioner of Human Rights to entrust “CyberDodo ® the  Defender of Life with a mission of the utmost importance.

What mission?

That of travelling the world in order to help children by teaching them about the Convention and the protection it guarantees to them, or which it should guarantee, if only adults were to respect the “contract” which they signed.

What are the origins of the Convention?

The foundations for a convention on the rights of the child were researched by Janusz Korczak (1878-1942), a paediatrician and writer who dedicated his life to children and the establishment of legal protection of their rights .His motto was “Respect”; he firmly believed that the recognition of specific rights for children was a pre-requisite for the true advancement of humanity. 

 What is the date of the Convention?

The Convention on the Rights of the Child was adopted on 20 November, 1989. Before this date, several attempts had been made to prepare such a text (Notably in 1924, by the League of Nations), but none came to fruition.

What do we need to remember about it?

If there were only one thing to remember, it would be that it exists! The Convention exists and must be better understood by everyone; this is the specific ambition of the community platform to provide free and easy access to the Rights guaranteed by the Convention to all the children in the world.

Through cartoons, games, files, etc, “CyberDodo®, the Defender of Life ” fully commits itself to ensuring that everyone, big or small, can find the information they are looking for in an entertaining way.

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