The Mission of CyberDodo (2-40)

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Once upon a time there was a planet where all the young ones were protected by their parents…

All except those of the species the most powerful, the most intelligent, the most dangerous : the children of mankind !

Because this situation was unacceptable, in 1989 the United Nations, or UN, asked all countries to sign a contract guaranteeing the rights of children. This fundamental text is known as the International Convention of the Rights of the Child.

This Convention is very important to you, child of this planet in danger, because it applies to all aspects of your life. But for it to really protect you, you must know this Convention as well as possible because from freedom is born from knowledge !

The mission of CyberDodo, the Defender of Life has received a universal mission

Let’s have a look at it together….

It talks about children, all human beings less than 18 years of age. (Episode 2 = Articles 01+02)

The Convention states that adults must take into account the best interests of children before all else (Episode 3 = Article 3) and that good parents know better than anyone else what is best for their children (Episode 5 = Articles 5+18). The Convention also says that the abduction of children is prohibited (Episode 11 =11).

If the Convention was enforced, no child would ever die of hunger again (Episode 6 = Articles 6+24) or of illnesses that are curable (Episode 36 = Articles 24+27). The children of mankind would be protected from cigarettes (Episode 35 = Articles 6+24), abuse (Episode16 = Article19), dangerous work (Episode 25 = Article 32), prostitution (Episode 27 = Article 34) and drugs (Episode 26 = Article 33).

In a world that respected the Convention, children would not be subjected to sexual abuse (Episode 33 = Article 34), trafficking or slavery (Episode 28 = Article 35), nor torture and they would never be sentenced to the death penalty (Episode 29 = Article 37). Courts would be fair (Episode 31 = Article 40), listening to children when their rights are concerned (Episode 12 = Article 12) and would not separate them from their parents even in cases of conflict (Episode 10 = Article 10).


 If adults kept the commitments that they have made, they would give a name and nationality to all children (Episode 8 = Articles 7+8) and would respect the rights of children that are adopted (Episode18 = Article 21). There would be schools all over and for all children (Episode 22 = Articles 28+29). Children with disabilities would have the same rights as all others (Episode 20 = Article 23), just like refugees (Episode19 = Article 22) and children of a minority background (Episode 23 = Article 30).

 All children in the world need the Convention of the Rights of the Child

All the children of mankind would have the right to rest and to recreation (Episode 24 = Article 31), as well as to a balanced diet (Episode 34 = Articles 6+24), They would be able to freely express themselves (Episode13 = Articles 13+14+15), and their private life would be respected (Episode14 = Article16). The media would speak of their rights often (Episode 15 = Article 17) and child soldiers would be prohibited (Episode 30 = Article 38).

Above all, children would be everywhere respected, well-treated and loved, because they are the future of humanity (Episode 21 = Article 27).

Do you think that this is just a story ? Or maybe just an animated cartoon?

No, this is something that is happening at this very moment. If the Convention were respected, it would improve the terrible reality of hundreds of millions of children… so what are we waiting for ?

The Convention of the Right of the Child is the international treaty that has been signed by the greatest number of countries in the world.

Faced with the daily tragedy lived by hundreds of millions of children each day all over the world, « CyberDodo®, the Defender of Life » in partnership with the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights has created an audiovisual edutainment trilogy so that those Rights that right now are the weakest can become better known, and as a result, better respected.

Because freedom is born from knowledge !

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