CyberDodo and Abandoned Animals (1-43)

This affects millions of animals throughout the planet... To help change attitudes, your site is offering you a game of skill which consists of helping abandoned animals to escape.

Because in our hyper-consumer society, the way that many people treat their pets, like things to be thrown away after they are used, says a lot about their respect for life...

In order to keep you informed, your site is also offering you a cartoon, a case file and a quiz on this theme.

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Take note, your score cannot be registered if your computer is disconnected from the internet – even for a few seconds – or if your service provider changes your IP address during the session.

What is your mission?

To save abandoned animals!

It’s easy to write or read about this game, but in reality it is much more difficult because it has 6 levels and in each of them, you will need to take care of a different animal which will behave in a specific manner.

At the beginning of the game, click on the animal and it will fly towards freedom. In order for it to continue flying upwards, click on it continuously until it has gone a sufficient distance to be saved by CyberDodo.

When you reach this stage, you can go to the next level...

But, of course, each path is full of pitfalls, so be very careful and avoid traps, get bonus points and ... good luck to you!