CyberDodo and access to Education II (2-38)

Your mission in this game is simple and perhaps one of the most important missions in existence: to offer access to education to as many children as possible.

As stated in articles 28 and 29 of the International Convention of the Rights of the Child, education is the point of entry into a world which increasingly respects those who have more chances and more possibilities in all aspects of life.

Your friend CyberDodo and his prestigious partners have developed and continue to develop numerous tools to concretely contribute to this objective, notably this case file, this cartoon and this quiz.

Don’t forget to read the instructions properly and go ahead and play!

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Take note, your score will not be registered if your computer is disconnected from the Internet – even if it is for a few seconds - or your service provider changes your IP address during the session.

How can you carry out your mission?

Important: The use of a calculator is not allowed and will not work.

This game consists of 3 levels and you will need to make a choice right at the start: do you prefer addition, subtraction, division or multiplication? You will need to collect all the Christmas trees that you find because each question only has one possible answer. But if you truly do not know and you do not have enough trees, you can buy the answer! As each purchase will cost you 8 to 10 trees, you will need to be good at maths!

First level: Collect as many books as possible

Second level: Offer the books to as many children as you can by pressing the ‘x’ or ‘1’ key. After pressing the ‘x’ key, the children will be transformed into diploma holders and this will increase your score.

Third level: Send the children to school, but how can you do this? You should set up groups of 5 children at a time, then take each group to school.

Take note, you will come across many dangers during the whole journey; it’s up to you to protect yourself from them. You only have one life but you can regenerate it by collecting apples and other vital signs...

Good luck, it’s really important for you to do your best...