CyberDodo and Disabled Persons (2-20)

The geographical distribution is very skewed, with around 400 million persons with disabilities (80%) living in poor countries and thereby have only inadequate care and facilities at their disposal.
All over the world, persons with disabilities continue to face barriers to their full and equal participation in society. Now, if we broaden our view a bit, the number of persons affected by a disability surpasses one billion when taking into account the impact on immediate families. The 10% mentioned is not just a statistic given that disabilities are strongly linked to poverty and frequently limit access to education and treatment, not to mention problems related to exclusion and/or discrimation.

You need to make a great deal of effort in order to succeed in this game, which is a tribute to the efforts which disabled persons need to make in order to live in a world which does not take enough notice of them and their needs.

In order to inform you, your site is also offering you a cartoon, a case file and a quiz.

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Take note, your score will not be registered if your computer is disconnected from the Internet - even for a few seconds - or if your internet service provider changes your IP address during the game.

What is your mission?

To accompany disabled children who need to go to different places (School, park, etc.) using different means of transport (Bus, etc.). But on their way they will encounter a great deal of difficulties, for example: stairs, roads, holes in their shoes, closed doors, etc.

Each difficulty can be overcome; for stairs, use a hammer to change them into ramps; for holes in your shoes, fill them with sand; for doors, open them with a key, etc.

During the game, an arrow will permanently show you in which direction your next task is found, follow it. Pay attention also to time which is running out.

In order to complete each level, you must help a minimum of 4 children to reach their destination (The game has 4 levels).

Don’t forget all the bonuses in the game, they will help you to have hammers, sand and other keys without which you cannot carry out your mission. Think also of collecting parts, lightning, etc. they will prolong your time in the game.

All the same, avoid touching people who are walking about or are just standing up, only move around on brightly-coloured routes and only cross roads which have passenger crossings, without which you will lose game time.

The goal of this game is to make you aware of the difficulties that disabled persons encounter so that we can all contribute towards concrete improvements in their daily lives, well done!