CyberDodo and Eagles (1-21)

Flying - something CyberDodo has never been able to do !

In his adventure in the company of Eagles (See the cartoon), CyberDodo was able to experience for just a brief second the incredible ecstasy of total freedom in the skies….

Eagles are capable of a number of great feats including perfect sight of up to 500 meters, soaring, diving at incredible speeds, amongst others. Here we offer you a game to test your own skills ! For example, test your ability to identify dangers, your reflex reactions as well as your ability to avoid dangers altogether.

CyberDodo- who never misses an opportunity to take off - has offered his services as test pilot and we thank you for keeping an eye out for him.

To learn more about Eagles, don’t forget that there is both an information file as well as a cartoon available (even a quiz!).

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Your mission is to help CyberDodo remain aflight as long as possible. To guide him along, use the arrow keys : Up arrow to move upward on the screen, down arrow to go downward, back arrow to slow down and the forward arrow to speed up.

Careful – his time in the sky is limited !

The red bar at the top of the screen indicates how much time CyberDodo has left. In order to continue playing, you must catch as many propellers as you can.

However, the dangers are numerous and you have only one life…. Ready to take off ?

Good luck !