CyberDodo and Fire (1-7)

Dive into the vortex of time in this game with very high temperatures!

The first age consists of the discovery of fire by the first people, about half a million years ago.

The second is the Palaeolithic age, (-20'000 years) when fire helped us to keep warm, to cook our food, etc.

The third one is the Neolithic age (-8'000 years), when metallurgy was discovered and opened up new horizons to our ancestors.

In the fourth, we are in China during the Han dynasty (- 220 => +200), when humanity invented firecrackers!

In the fifth phase, today, fire is part of our daily life, and its dangers too...

In this scorching adventure, you will have a unique companion: CyberDodo; take care of him during your discovery of this legendary element. Do not forget that your site also offers you a cartoon, a case file and a quiz on this theme.

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What are the rules of the game?

Be alert: the tasks to be accomplished are indicated at the beginning of each level. Avoid skeletons, clouds that launch lightning bolts, volcanic eruptions and wild animals; all of these make you lose your lives.

Think of picking the maximum number of fruits (From trees?) and torches, you will use them during the game. For example, you will light up the night (Torches) or restore your lives (Fruits) when they are at a very low level. Simply click on the element which can be activated in the box, where you will find all the items that you will have collected.

You will carry out a journey from the stone age to today through 5 levels. To move during the game, use the following buttons:

-Left and right arrow buttons to move left or right
-Space bar to jump
-Press X to light the torch
-Press the shift key to make CyberDodo accelerate (Jump and move)
-‘Up’ + ‘space’ bar at the same time to climb trees

A last word of advice, you will need to gather 2 pieces of wood in order to be able to use a boat...

The whole design and development team at CyberDodo wishes you lots of fun as you play this game.