CyberDodo and Nuclear Disasters (1-20)

What is the mission of CyberDodo, the Defender of Life?

To bring together persons sharing a vision of respect for the earth and its inhabitants, for their own well being as well as that of future generations, and to promote and propagate the message of respect and conservation by CyberDodo, the Defender of Life, in the areas of the Rights of the Child and Environmental Rights.″

This is not just a long, beautifully worded phrase; it contains important words, such as: ‘Rights of the Child’, ‘Well-being’, ‘Future Generations’, ‘Respect’, ‘Environment’, etc.

Are these concepts of such importance consistent with the consequences of the tragedy that affected Japan on 11 March 2011 (Earthquake of a magnitude of 9.0 followed by a tsunami and partial destruction of a nuclear power station)? Indeed, Fukushima is not an isolated incident: Three Mile Island occurred on 28 March 1979, Chernobyl on 26 April 1986 and even many more of lesser scope...

Did you know that in 1975, a report on the civil utilisation of nuclear energy was established at the request of the NRC (Nuclear Regulatory Commission) by a group of experts headed by Professor Norman Rasmussen? It concluded that the statistical risk of dying because of an accident in a nuclear power station is extremely low (1 in 5 billion!).

Our planet is filled with nuclear power stations particularly as a result of this type of pseudo-scientific forecast.

To make us aware of the dangers that nuclear energy represents for us and future generations, we are offering you the opportunity to dive into the core of the 3 disasters at Three Mile Island, Chernobyl and Fukushima. But as CyberDodo is the Defender of Life, this virtual journey will be absolutely free of danger while you stay on our website...

Do not forget that there were more than 400 nuclear reactors operating in the world at the beginning of the 3rd millennium and that the dangerous effects of certain radioactive elements will take millions of years to wear off.

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Take note, your score cannot be registered if your computer is disconnected from the internet – even for a few seconds – or if your service provider changes your IP address during the session.

How can you fulfil your missions?

Firstly, be careful, you only have one life! Do not forget to check the real-time horizontal indicator on the top right hand side of your screen to find out how much life you have left.

There are 3 levels: in order to access the next one, you must have completed the previous one.

1. Three Mile Island

The engineers can no longer cool down the core. To stop the overheating, as you go through the power station, you must collect all the water reserves and avoid the alarms and all the dangers that will make you lose your life.

There are 2 ways to unblock your passage to the next level (The door is close to your starting point). a) Collect enough water to fill the blue vertical column (on the left-hand side of the screen) b) There are 5 machines with ‘red’ lights, if you make them all go ‘green’ (By clicking on the ‘x’ when you are close to it), the door will be unblocked.

Be careful, the red temperature column will increase rapidly, if it fills before you have completed the level, you will have lost...

2. Chernobyl

The power station was devastated by an explosion, the situation is extremely serious, you must avoid the radioactive elements at all cost (Potassium 40, uranium 238, caesium 137, iodine 131, etc.) and save as many people as possible.

Make sure you watch the 3 indicators...

3. Fukushima

The power station reactors are out of order and the cores will fuse, radioactivity is everywhere, avoid it so that you can remain alive and evacuate as many people as possible.

But is it really possible to escape from a disaster of such magnitude?

How will you move?

Use the arrow keys and the space bar to jump.

Good luck in your mission; we hope that no-one will have to go through this situation in real life...