CyberDodo and Sharks (1-27)

Victims of pollution, the destruction of their habitat, fishing and overfishing, numerous species of shark are today in grave danger of extinction.

Certain traditions, for example that of eating shark fins in Asia, are the source of a veritable massacre. The terrible reality is that when these animals are captured, their fins are cut off before they are tossed back into the sea while still alive. They die suffering, the magnitude of which we can just imagine.

Sharks are also victims of industrial fishing carried out using numerous methods in all the oceans across our globe. Often caught up in nets not intended for them (for example, intended for the catching of tuna and swordfish), they die either suffocated or killed for no reason once brought on board.

So, for once, in this game, you will not have to fight against the Sharks but for them, they greatly need your help!

To add to what you know about them and change your impression of sharks, your site is also offering you a cartoon, a case file and a quiz.

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Note, your score cannot be recorded if your computer is not connected to the Internet, even if it is only for a few seconds, or if your service provider changes your IP address during the session.

What are the rules of the game?

Your mission is to save the various sharks that you will encounter in this game, which consists of 4 levels.

Due to the pollution of the seas, sharks may eat dangerous substances / objects that float around them, you need to prevent them completely from doing this. Otherwise their life span will be drastically reduced.

How can you do this?

First of all, by stopping the shark from being in contact with waste (the left, right, up and down arrows will help you make the shark move) and also by clicking on the dangerous objects (the number of times you need to click on each object to eliminate it is written next to it. Example: goggles = 10 clicks).

You also need to feed the shark, so choose the good food out of everything that will appear on the surface (the shark’s reaction will show you whether or not he appreciates what you have given him to eat).

Finally, do not forget to move because, in order for you to advance to the next level, the shark will also need to have travelled a certain distance.

Each level will become more difficult, for example, there will be drift nets and hunters, as in reality the actions of man make the life of sharks really difficult.

Go ahead and play so that you can do your bit to save these kings of the sea! Good luck…