CyberDodo and Spiders II (1-56)

As explained in our case file (Click here), few creatures evoke as much emotion as spiders. So CyberDodo is offering you an extraordinary opportunity to get into the ‘skin’ of a spider and fight for survival!

This will definitely help you to view these 8-legged creatures in a different light the next time you come face to face with them.

Take note, read the instructions below carefully, because your life span as a spider will depend on your capacity to move in a totally new environment filled with potential food as well as mortal dangers.

To perfect your knowledge, your site is also offering you a cartoon and a quiz.

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Take note, your score will not be registered if your computer is disconnected from the Internet - even for a few seconds - or if your internet service provider changes your IP address during the game.

What is your mission?

You are a spider and you must find food. There are many opportunities, you must take advantage of the good ones and avoid the bad ones, but how will you know what they are?

Edible insects appear with numbers that are counting down rapidly, the faster you catch them, the higher your score will be. Insects without any numbers are dangerous, so do not touch them at all.

You have 3 lives but you can get more lives by catching the creature that appears in a green light. Also, when you have collected enough food, baby spiders will come and help you to find even more, it will be a total family affair!

Beware of spiders that are hanging from their webs as well as insects that move on the ground, they are very dangerous.

How do you move?

Use the direction arrows to go right and left and the space bar to jump. As an award for those who will have read the instructions to the end, the longer you press the space bar, the higher you can jump.

Good luck, it’s not every day that you will go through something like this...