CyberDodo and the Ants (1-1)

An anthill houses up to millions of ants, each with a specific role. Workers, soldiers…. all the way up to the Queen – an ant colony is a perfectly organised society.

So that you can share in the life of these wonder insects, CyberDodo offers you a game requiring your greatest possible display of skill.

Are you ready ?

Don’t forget to brush up on your knowledge of ants – you have at your disposal a cartoon, information file and quiz.

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Your mission is to help the ants defend their colony so that they can gather the maximum amount of food possible.

Use your mouse to aim the cannon and push the lefthand button to launch the sand cannonballs .

As you advance in the game, your power will increase, in particular your strength and the number of sand cannonballs you have. Eventually, a bonus bar will appear and several special functions will be available (For example, the option to add cannons or increase the firing range, etc).

Prepare to defend the anthill and collect lots of food. By the way, do you like spiders and termites ?

Your score will be calculated as a function of the time that you have protected the anthill…

So, get your game on – good luck !