CyberDodo and the Beaches (1-6)

Man is polluting our beaches at an increasing rate : maritime transport, industry, tourism, all types of discharges, the list is endless!

CyberDodo, last Dodo on Earth, born on the paradisical island of Mauritius, is particularly concerned to preserve all of the world’s beaches.

So when he receives the mission to use the first solar helicopter to go clean them up, he immediately accepts because it just couldn’t get better than flying (his long-time dream) without risk to the environment, but instead to actually contribute to its conservation ! Perfect !

Consult our informational file to learn more about the subject or watch our cartoon.

You can also test your knowledge with our quiz on this subject.

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Your mission is to help CyberDodo clean the beach.

Use the arrow keys to manoeuvre the solar helicopter : Up arrow key to ascend, Down to descend, Left to slow up and Right to accelerate.

The space bar allows you to pick up the waste with the extendible mechanical arm.

You must pick up the cigarettes, plastic bags, banana peels and black spots. What you manage to collect is shown in the table on the left of the screen.

Careful ! Do not pick up the crabs because they only weigh down the helicopter and will keep you from gaining altitude.

Also watch out for the sandcastles and birds in the sky because you only have one life !

Time to play ! Good luck !