CyberDodo and the Cheetah (1-23)

The Cheetah is an endangered species because of poaching which reduced its numbers in the past, as well as systematic hunting by livestock breeders and the reduction of its living spaces which are being progressively invaded by man.

The female should therefore pay extreme attention to her young which are far from being the ultra fast, high-performing hunters that they will become. For their first 6 weeks of life, they cannot follow their mother when she has to go out to hunt; therefore they are victims of predators which kill up to 90% of litters.

In this game, CyberDodo finds a hurt and very weak baby cheetah in the Savannah. Hearing hunters arrive, CyberDodo decides to shelter him by climbing up a tree where a house was built (This is a good move, because cheetahs do not normally climb trees due to their non-retractable claws!).

Perhaps hunters will not be able to find them up there....?

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Take note, your score will not be registered if your computer is disconnected from the Internet - even for a few seconds - or if your internet service provider changes your IP address during the game.

What is your mission?

Unfortunately, the hunters will notice the baby cheetah and do everything to try and trap him. Luckily, the tree decides to help them. The player therefore replaces the tree and has the task of protecting the baby cheetah and CyberDodo.

By using the direction arrows (Left and right), you activate the branches of the tree (It’s ‘arms’) which crush the enemies, as well as the ‘up’ and ‘down’ keys which destroy the pyramids built by the hunters.

You can also protect the tree from the hunters’ arrows as this will help keep the number of lives you have.

Be alert, because additional powers will be available as you go along. Be careful, when numbers appear above the hunters, you should click the corresponding number of times in order to eliminate them.

Very logically, the longer you protect the baby cheetah, the higher your score will be.

Go ahead and play, baby cheetah is counting on you!