CyberDodo and the Medias (2-15)

A teenager in the west watches an average of 6 hours of television a day. From the time they start their primary education, nearly 2 out of 5 children have a television in their bedroom. It is therefore important to respond to this need for knowledge, this desire to discover the world, and to be aware of what your child is watching.

The media has a responsibility with regard to the content that they choose to disseminate, just as each family has a responsibility - with regard to the use of this content, and the establishment of dialogue on imagery and content that is disseminated.

It is not acceptable to allow a child to look at just anything without worrying about the impact that this will have on him or her. A simple, vigilant reflection by an adult supervising a young viewer will allow that child to avoid future problems. For example, it is important to ask the following questions:

« What am I watching ? What do I think about it ? What do I do about it ? ».

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This game is so easy that you barely even need the instructions!

An image will appear in the lower right frame, you will have to find it among all the moving images and click on it.

The time available to finish the game is indicated by the red bar below the frame.

The faster you go, the higher you score will be.

Be careful, you have only 3 lives, good luck!