CyberDodo and the Monkeys (1-13)

There is only one thing responsible for this: simply put, it’s because of mankind!

In order to help us understand the dangers faced by monkeys, particularly our cousins, the hominids (Gorillas, Orang-utans, Chimpanzees, etc.), CyberDodo is offering you a game in which you will have the opportunity to help a lost baby monkey.

Your mission seems simple on paper - all you need to do is send it back to its Mother...

In reality, it will be much more complicated, because you will have to face the consequences of human irresponsibility, for example : deforestation, fires, pollution, hunters, etc.

To help you travel through this hostile environment which has become like this because of mankind, don’t pass up the opportunity to get hold of any source of food you come across, particularly if it’s yellow (Bananas) or red (Apples). This is how you will be able to build up your strength. is offering you this game, a cartoon, a case file and a quiz to help you become a real monkey expert and in this way contribute to the protection of monkeys.

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Take note, your score will not be registered if your computer is disconnected from the Internet - even for a few seconds - or if your internet service provider changes your IP address during the game.

How will you accomplish your mission?

First of all, you only have one life, but if you eat well and regularly, you will be able to remain fit.

Be careful – there are all types of dangers lurking around you in your environment (Water, trees, branches, fire, etc.). And even genetically engineered strange and dangerous insects. We hope that these insects will never exist in reality (although if you had to listen to some crazy scientists you might actually get worried)!

How can you move ?

Use the direction keys to go right and left and the space bar to jump. You can also go faster if you have enough energy, but we will leave it up to you to find out which button activates this command.

Good luck, you will discover that it’s not easy to be a monkey at the beginning of this 3rd millennium...