CyberDodo and the Right to Live with your Parents (2-9)

What better environment for the development of a child than a loving family? This is the theme of article 9 of the International Convention on the Rights of the Child.

The CyberDodo cartoon (Click here to see it) on this subject is full of action; you will enjoy this inspiring game of hectic adventure which has at least 10 levels.

The mission given to you by CyberDodo to is to reunite a child who has been separated from his families. In order to get there, he will need to carry copies of article 9, but the path he is led on drags him deep underground! Will you be able to help him overcome all the traps waiting for him?

Are you ready to take up the challenge? Don’t forget to read the instructions below carefully.

If you want to improve your knowledge of article 9, you can also look at the case file and quiz.

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N.B: The winner of the tournament will get a Nintendo DSi. Depending on what country the winner is in, the prize will consist of a console or its equivalent value in the form of a bank transfer (Based on: Monaco prices at the end of the last day of the tournament).


To finish a level (Remember, there are 10 of them!), you will need to collect 5 objects; without these, you will not be able to leave the level.

There are many traps in these caves. Some will take you through long tunnels, others will freeze you or put you in a cage for 5 seconds (If you try to get out before then, you will lose a life), or even worse...

Be very careful, because you only have 4 lives and you can’t win more lives; try also to collect all the pieces of gold in order to increase your score.

Make sure you look at the white arrow which you can find close to CyberDodo, it will indicate where you will find the next object to be collected as well as the final exit from the level.

How do you move?

-Use the left and right direction arrows to move horizontally
-The space bar will help you to jump
-The shift key + direction arrow will accelerate CyberDodo’s movements and make him jump further
-The Ctrl button will send a volley of balls against your enemies
-If you press A + the right direction arrow, this will help CyberDodo to push the rocks
-If you press S + direction arrow, this will help CyberDodo to slide down the slopes and protect him against the rats and caterpillars there
-The red and green pipes can be used to teleport CyberDodo from one spot to another

Good luck in this great underground adventure! You will need it...

P-S: Tutorial in clicking here