CyberDodo and the Rivers (1-8)

With this game, CyberDodo aims to promote respect for our rivers – their cleanliness, their flora and fauna. It is precisely this precious biodiversity which humankind continues to destroy each day.

The environmental stakes related to rivers are numerous and by means of the cartoon and report on rivers, you will learn more.

To see the animated cartoon about rivers, click here

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First step: Choose the solar boat with which you will navigate the 7 levels of the game. Each level is loaded with pitfalls – so you will have to be careful.

You must not make contact with the riverbanks (you will be eliminated), nor the other boats (you will be frozen a few moments).

Careful nown, you have only a limited amount of time, indicated by the small circle on the left of the screen, and you must finish each level as quickly as possible. Don’t forget to collect the apples which most certainly don’t belong in the water!

How to play :

You must navigate your boat with the arrow keys: up = advance, down = back, left = left, right = right. If you pass over the blue squares, your boat will accelerate a few moments.

Above all, don’t forget the extra lives that pop up…. It’s up to you to find them!

Have fun and don’t forget to take good care of the river…