CyberDodo and the Rivers II (1-8)

The advantage of virtual gaming is that we can organise a boat race (with boats running on solar energy, of course) on one of the rivers without the risk of disturbing its important biodiversity which must absolutely be preserved.

Dear members, you already know CyberDodo’s edutainment approach and the different types of media offered on each theme. This game on rivers is pure entertainment which has the particular aim of making you aware about pollution. In order to have a better understanding of the dangers they have to face, we have also developed a case file and quiz, not to forget a cartoon.

Are you ready to jump on board?

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Take note, your score cannot be registered if your computer is disconnected from the internet – even for a few seconds – or if your service provider changes your IP address during the session.

How do you play this game?

On paper, this game is very simple:

Choose your solar boat carefully
Start and end the race as quickly as possible
The same for the 7 levels

In reality, you will encounter numerous obstacles, ranging from rocks that emerge as you pass the banks of the river to different types of debris. In order to get a better score, you must end each level as quickly as possible. To help you, the amount of time you have left will be indicated in the yellow circle situated on the left hand side of the screen.

Be careful, if you touch a single obstacle, you will lose and since you only have one life, you will have to restart the session.

How do you manoeuvre the boat?

Using the direction arrows, up to move, left to go left, right to go right and down to brake.

Do not forget to collect the blue icons which will make you go faster as well as apples which will increase your score.

Go ahead and play, Captain ‘River Friend’, and good luck!