CyberDodo and the Whales II (1-10)

What dreadful proof of the devastation mankind has caused, that these giants (which are more than 30 metres long and weigh more than a 100 tons) are no longer protected in the oceans.

To have an idea of the extent of the massacre of whales, all we need to do is go back one century, when more than 200,000 blue whales populated the depths of the sea. Today, experts estimate that there are less than 2,000!

But of course there are several species of whales (which does not mean that they are better treated by mankind), you will find out about this in the case file on this subject. Apart from this game, there is also a cartoon and a quiz for you.

Your mission is to protect Mother whale and her pups from the dangers that fill the oceans today, as well as help her pups to grow. In order to do this, don’t forget to read the instructions below carefully.

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Take note, your score cannot be registered if your computer is not connected to the Internet – even for a few seconds – or if your service provider changes your IP address during the session.

How will you carry out your mission?

You should protect Mother Whale and her pups from waste, drums of petrol and all the dangers they will encounter, which of course have been caused by mankind.

You can make Mother Whale move using the direction arrows on your keyboard. When you see pieces of gold above the water, quickly make Mother Whale jump up to catch them, this will increase your score.

For the whale pups, use your mouse (left button) to make them move along their path. Don’t forget that you must also feed them to help them grow and this will also increase your score.

If you press the space bar, Mother Whale can also send up a jet of water.

You will see that each whale has its own indicator which will inform you of its state of health. Every time it bumps into an object, it will lose a part of its life, so it is very important to collect all the boosters you come across.

If the game takes place for long enough, you will see new baby whales appearing and you will need to take care of them also.

Finally, do not ever let a whale go off the screen, because then you will lose the game.

In conclusion, all you have to do is fill your lungs and dive in, so that you can protect these wonders of Nature, good luck!