CyberDodo fights against Deforestation (1-9)

There are numerous types of forests and in the 21st century there are very few of them that are not seriously endangered. Man is, as ever, right at the forefront of the dangers they face!

Man pillages, destroys and annihilates his environment without any consideration for what he will leave behind for future generations.

Certain forests which scientists describe as ‘primary’ have taken thousands of years (and even more) to develop and become extraordinary and irreplaceable reservoirs of biodiversity.

This is the mission which CyberDodo has given you in this game, to protect a virgin forest against those that want to cut it down. Why? Because, by failing to respect forests, not only do we endanger the future of the species they shelter, but we also endanger our own future....

To get all the information you need and spur you to action, your site also offers you a cartoon, case file and quiz.



How do you play?

Note, your score cannot be recorded if your computer is not connected to the Internet, even if it is only for a few seconds, or if your service provider changes your IP address during the session.

Your mission is simple... on paper! You should protect the forest against those that want to cut it down; they are numerous, ranging from men with saws to men with terrible and powerful machines.

The virgin forest which you need to protect is at the left of the screen and its enemies will arrive at the right. The aim of these rogues is to cross over to wait for trees and your aim is to stop them from crossing over.

To get there, you have several solutions that you can use:

Click on the bridges and you will send the assailants into the air or into the water

Click on the monkeys to launch coconuts

Click on the clouds to make lightning strike

Palm trees
It is up to you to find how to click on the palm trees so that they send showers of coconuts, particularly on the machines.

A word of advice: If an enemy catches a fruit, he will eat it and will in turn become a defender of the forest.

There are other surprises but if we tell you about them they will not be surprises any more...

The score is calculated in terms of the time you have available to keep the assailants at bay, go ahead and play!