CyberDodo fights against obesity (2-34)

Take note, you have a great responsibility in this game!

What is your mission? You should feed Balthazar, CyberDodo’s assistant, properly, so that he can grow up healthy.

This game consists of 5 levels corresponding to the 5 ages of Balthazar’s life: Baby, 4 years, 8 years, 14 years and 18 years.

Different foods will appear on the screen, if you think they are good for Balthazar, give them to him. If you think they are not good, put them in the dustbin.

From the reaction produced by Balthazar and/or the bin, you will quickly know if you are right...

If you want to improve your knowledge about obesity, there is also a cartoon, a case file and a quiz on this subject.

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This game is organised into 3 zones:

1) Balthazar on the left, who you should exclusively feed with healthy food.
2) The dustbin on the right, in which you should throw everything that is bad for Balthazar.
3) The foods offered up by the game appear in the middle.

How do you play?

Be careful, when a foodstuff appears, you should immediately decide whether or not it is good for Balthazar’s health, catch it with your mouse and take action.

Be careful, when Balthazar is a baby, you will have the time to decide, because only one food will appear at a time. When he is 4 years old, 2 will appear; when he is 8 years old, 3 will appear; when he is 14, it will be 4 and finally when he is 18 years old, there will be 5...

This means that you need to go faster and faster!

Bon appétit and good luck