CyberDodo fights cigarettes II (2-35)

Everyone has the right to freedom of choice, but it is the duty of the community to take care of its members.

How can we protect ourselves from cigarette smoke?

By banning it in all public places, as millions of non-smokers have died as a result of passive smoking, and also by informing people about it, so that children and adults understand the need to avoid cigarettes, as they contain about 4,000 chemical substances, of which more than 50 are recognised as being carcinogenic substances.

This game, which is a useful exercise for real life, involves protecting yourself from cigarette smoke and can be found on your site. Not forgetting a cartoon, case file and quiz.

Are you ready for the battle to save your lungs, your heart and your life?

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Take note, your score will not be registered if your computer is disconnected from the Internet – even if it is for a few seconds - or your service provider changes your IP address during the session.

How can you accomplish your mission?

By saving your life against attacks by cigarettes! Exactly what you should be doing every day...

The game has 4 levels. In the first one, you will be represented by "lungs", in the second, by a "heart", in the third, by a "brain" and in the last one, by a "liver". The aim is to make you aware that cigarettes directly attack your vital organs.

You will have water guns, which are practical tools to help put out the smoking assailants. Don’t forget to refill them with liquid ammunition by aiming at the ‘water’ icons which fly from right to left (Also don’t forget the green icons, which will extend the life of your ammunition for a certain period of time).

You should also make it a priority to save the organs (that is, lungs at the 1st level, a heart at the 2nd, a brain at the third and a liver at the fourth), which will be imprisoned by flying cigarettes. Be careful, if you let 5 pass by, this will make you lose the game.

Every time you save an organ (a maximum of 3), it will become very small and will stay behind you, then your points will double, which is essential for you to get a very good score.

Don’t forget to regularly check your life meter (on the top right hand side of the screen), as this will inform you about how many lives you have left.

To control yourself (that is, your Organ!), use the arrow keys. To aim at something with your water gun, use your mouse and your left button.

Go ahead and play so that you can save your life and be protected against killer cigarettes!