Dangers of the internet

The battle: Teens vs the Internet

Monaco Telecom and CyberDodo present the video game “CyberDodo and the dangers of the Internet”, based on the winning drawings from competitions launched in schools within the Principality, with the gracious support of the National Education Department of Monaco.

Well done to the students and teachers who invested their time and put a lot of thought into developing the personalities and themes for the game! Think of two teenagers with access to the internet and the 7 dangers that they must be aware of in order to be able to avoid them: Harassment, Racism, Personal Data, Private Life, Sexual Predator, Webcam, Truthfulness of information and finally 4 different backgrounds for 4 game levels: The bedroom (level 1), The screen (level 2), The internet (level 3) and The Computer (level 4).

Your favourite website is pleased to launch this game, in which you have to protect your life against the different dangers that can be found on the Internet. These dangers are real and have been developed into images by the students of the Principality who have participated in the competition. This game is useful training for when you surf the internet: you can also find cartoons, (1 & 2), a case file and a quiz on your favourite website (As well as 2,000 other fun and entertaining activities)

Are you ready to use the internet, armed with your surfing knowledge and equipped to avoid attacks? Ready, steady, go!


Choose your avatar.

You start off with 10 lives and 50 grenades. You have to collect everything along the path of the WiFi signals to earn points.

You have to avoid the dangers, especially: the webcam, the sexual predator, the virus, harassment, requests for personal information, content that is not suitable for young people. All the dangers can be eliminated by a single grenade, with the exception of the sexual predator, who will need 2 grenades to be eliminated, which is normal, given that he is the most dangerous and most wicked enemy.

If you collect the gold shield, you will win an extra life. If you die after having passed the red flag, you do not have to go back and redo the whole level again from the beginning. You only need to start again from where you were after the flag. You need to collect the grenades along the whole path so that you do not run out of weapons. Once you have won all the 4 levels, your score will be recorded.

What are the game controls?

Click on “C” = this throws the grenades. Click on “X” = this will make you jump. Direction arrows = this helps you move forward and back