The message of CyberDodo (2-40)

CyberDodo must win 7 levels of the game, whilst avoiding the traps as well as his enemies.

In order to win, there is a time limit for each level, so the quicker you go, the more points you add to your final score.
To win even more points, try to collect all the apples.

CyberDodo can also fly by catching the yellow boxes. Note, be smart and use this power to pass through the most dangerous zones!

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To see the animated cartoon on the mission of « CyberDodo®, the Defender of Life » on the Rights of the Child, click here

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Click on the left arrow to make CyberDodo move to the left, or the right one to make him move to the right
Click on the top arrow and the right or left arrow to make him fly once he has caught the yellow box
Press the space bar to jump