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CyberDodo has a wonderful actress for an Ambassador

Divyanka Tripathi, an actress committed to the Defence of LifeDivyanka was born in Bhopal. Apart from studying public administration, geography and psychology, she also competed in several national rifle shooting championships and was involved in water skiing and sailing.

Her career as an actress began with national advertising campaigns. She appeared in documentaries and short films, then worked as a Top Model for different Indian designers.

In 2006, after establishing herself in Bombay, she played the main role in the TV series ‘Banoo Main Teri Dulhan’  telecasted on Zee TV, featured in India, China, the United States, England, the United Arab Emirates, Hong-Kong, Singapore, etc., which launched her career.

She then moved on to dramatic and comedic roles in TV series /shows such as Intezaar and Mrs and Mr Sharma Allahabad Walle.

Divyanka participated in numerous ceremonies such as the Indian Tele Awards and the Mauritius Gold Awards, etc. which particularly brought to light one of her many talents: Dance.

Divyanka Tripathi, CyberDodo Ambassador for India

She received an award in 2010 at the Madhya Pradesh Gaurav Samman (Pride of MP), was named best female actress at the Gold Awards of Dubai in 2009 and also in 2009, was crowned: best actress in Best Onscreen Couple of Zee TV, best actress at the Humlog Awards as well as the Bhartiya Sanskriti Awards.

Divyanka accepted the role of Ambassador for the global initiative ‘CyberDodo, the Defender of Life’, so that her smiling enthusiasm, her active zeal, her fame and her networks can be used to broadcast our message of respect and conservation.

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The whole ‘CyberDodo’ team is honoured and grateful to have such a notable personality to support and follow up on our activities in this extraordinary country, India.

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Divyanka Tripathi (Hindi Version)

Divyanka Tripathi (Hindi Version)