Jerusalem, Palestine: Juzoor Foundation (Roots)

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Juzoor implements many community projects

Juzoor Foundation

Some of them:

This project aims to protect children and adolescents from any violence, especially the sexual abuse.

Impacting Health and Social Policies This project is in partnership with UNRWA in West Bank and targets five impact areas.

The project is a regional project which is implemented in Lebanon, Yemen, and Palestine in cooperation with Save the Children Sweden.

Juzoor has been established five Information Points to increase the access to information for the children.

The information points have been provided with educational materials and games, and also they have scheduled non-formal educational activities that raise awareness of the target groups of their rights and responsibilities. 


The project's page on Juzoor's website:

Jerusalem Youth Parliament: 

The youth parliament is a youth body that was found in 2006 to be organized as a union of one mutual educational, social and national attitude in the Palestinian community through democratic mode. The program aims to raise awareness of the Palestinian national identity in Jerusalem, increase the youth and children participation, and to involve the youth in the non-formal education.