Nature & the Rights of the Child: Kyllian Guerin

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The wonder boy of surfing is representing CyberDodo !

Kyllian Guerin is the youngest CyberDodo Ambassador. Born in 2003, this budding champion is one of the best surfers in his category. This virtuoso of the waves is already being sponsored by well-known brands in the surfing world, such as Rip Curl, Vans, Go pro or even Smith Optics, and is doing all he can to fulfil his dream of being a surfing professional in the future.

So, who better than someone like Kyllian, who spends every day on the ocean and is a citizen of the world, to talk about the Rights of the Child and Biodiversity to Children and their families?

For Kyllian, it all began at the age of 4 years old when he was in Costa Rica, his second home. Kyllian did not even know how to swim, but his father and mother encouraged him and helped him gain enough confidence to stand on his board; this is how the great adventure began.

By the time he was just 7 years old, Kyllian had already won trophies in numerous surfing competitions on the Basque coast (France). Today, he continues to achieve good results, both in France and overseas.

Living between France and Costa Rica, he travels between two continents and is already aware of the extraordinary diversity offered by our planet. Although he was born in 2003, he is very mature and excels in his field and - in order to be able to pursue his passion to the utmost – he does his utmost to divide his time as efficiently as possible between his sports practice and his distance education.

Kyllian Guerin, a super-talented surfer born in 2003, is a CyberDodo Ambassador

Apart from constantly improving his surfing ability, travelling has helped him to master 3 languages and learn how to be very open-minded, which helps him communicate with others. Also, every day after his surfing sessions, he has school: "In the beginning, I was going to school in France and Costa Rica, where the lessons were in Spanish and English. Now I only do CNED (distance education) because I travel a lot and this helps me to be able to continue my studies no matter where I am"....

His life revolves around a dream: to go to the WCT (World Champion Tour) when he is older and to be a world champion one day. In order to achieve this, he is doing all he can, notably, riding the biggest waves all over the planet, which has helped him to meet his role models: Kelly Slater and even Mick Fanning.

Kyllian Guerin, a CyberDodo Ambassador, has a dream: to become the world surfing champion!

At the age of just 10 years, Kyllian already has a world tour under his belt! His favourite spots during his surfing trips are Costa Rica, Australia, California, Nicaragua and Indonesia, as well as the remote islands of Mentawai, where he has been able to ride incredible waves...

Since 2010, Kyllian has featured in surfing videos and magazines.

At the age of just 10 years, Kyllian already has a world tour under his belt!

Here is a video message from Kyllian:

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If you have problems viewing the video, take a look at Kyllian’s message:

Good morning, my name is Kyllian Guerin, I’m 10 years old and I have launched my career as a surfer. For me, surfing the waves is a true passion which goes beyond being just a sport.

Living every day on the ocean, I have learnt to respect all that it has to offer our planet. The oceans are my playground and since I was very young, I have become very aware of the need to protect them.

I live between Costa Rica and France, but I also travel a lot. It’s an incredible opportunity and I know it.

I can see the world and make many friends in the countries that I have travelled, it’s truly great. Travelling the world has taught me to respect others and nature. I have discovered so many things.

By being a CyberDodo Ambassador, I can show children throughout the world that it is everyone’s duty to respect the environment and children. This is why if I can share a little bit of what I have seen with you, I can help you understand that we need to respect the ocean and its surroundings, and share a little bit of the dream in my travels; I will be very happy and proud to have helped in my way to contribute to the advancement of this cause.

Kyllian, CyberDodo Ambassador, for Nature and Children...

What does nature mean to you?

I have the opportunity to live close to nature. When I was young, I lived a little in the city and then I grew up by the seaside. In fact, whenever I close my eyes, I always see green places and big oceans.

On land, in France, there are pine forests, in addition during my travels, I often see tropical forests. It’s so beautiful and at the same time it’s useful, because this helps us to breathe unpolluted air, and the forest also harbours a lot of animals. Whenever I see how it is being senselessly destroyed by man, I tell myself that we are mad!

But nature is also about water. Water is essential for life and in my case, I need it to fulfil my dreams, because if the oceans are polluted, I will no longer be able to surf.

In your view, why is it so important to conserve nature?

Nature is about the environment that man and animals live in. On land and also in the sea, it represents life. In the beginning, there was balance, but man has changed everything. Nature has suffered too much because of man’s stupidity, but the time has come to change our habits, and CyberDodo has taught us a lot of things about this.

CyberDodo, the Defender of Life, and his whole team are proud and pleased to welcome Kyllian to help spread our message of respect and conservation.

What about Water?

Water is a treasure. For me, who surfs every day, I can see the bad effects that man has on the ocean - with waste floating in it, polluting and killing fish, dolphins and turtles. Coral is dying because it is full of the products that we use.

But, when it came to the need to save water, I must admit that I did not understand this very well when I lived in France. But travelling and living in Costa Rica in a region where it does not rain for months, I realised that we need to conserve water and ensure that we do not just waste it. My parents told me that "water is a source of life", I now know why we must protect and conserve it so that we can pass it on to future generations.

At school, I learnt that water has become a major problem due to the increase of the world population and climate change, during my travels I have been able to see that it is true and we really need to do something.

What do you think of CyberDodo?

It’s important to let children know that they do have rights and in particular what these rights are all about. We do not notice it if we live in France or in developed countries, but everywhere things are different - in other places, children are suffering, they do not have lots of toys at each birthday like we do and they dream of going to school and often they must go to work so that they can help their parents.

Through CyberDodo, children everywhere in the world can be informed and I hope that this will help things to get better. It’s also super because we can learn all kinds of things while having fun and it’s all available in many different languages...

Kyllian and CyberDodo are committed to the protection of the Rights of the Child and Biodiversity