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Dano Halsall – World record holder in swimming

Born on February 16, 1963 to a Swiss mother and Jamaican father, Dano began swimming at the age of 8 almost by chance, because there was a pool at his school. His ease in the water was noticed immediately and a unique career in sports was begun.

On July 21, 1985, Dano beats the 50 meter freestyle swim world record for the first time, becoming « the fastest swimmer in the world », or as the Guiness Book of World Records so eloquently puts it :

"the fastest human being in water of all time".

After 5 world records, 86 titles and 92 national records, and participation in 3 Olympic Games (Los Angeles 1984, Seoul 1988 and Barcelona 1992), he retired as a professonal swimmer in 1992.

Dano Halsall, an exceptional champion and a good man

Parallel to his other engagements, Dano has collaborated with several youth organisations and groups involved in the assistance of disadvantaged persons ; he has lended his efforts as a volunteer to innumerable charitable projects.

Dano has been a member of the « CyberDodo the Defender of Life » team from day one, his contributions incalculable – his engagement, his energy and enthusiasm, as well as his creativity, having contributed the music for the series on the Rights of the Child.

Dano Halsall

It is an honour and source of pride to be able to count upon Dano as Ambassdor, and we look forward to being inspired by his work to spread a global message of respect and conservation !