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The following translation is provided solely for indicative purposes. In the event of a discrepancy, the French version shall prevail

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, said French version governing the relationship between the User and CyberDodo for all legal purposes.


Welcome to www.CyberDodo.com

« CyberDodo®, the Defender of Life » is a universal spokesperson not bound by any notion of race, nationality, sex, social class or religion, his mission a permanent one.

CyberDodo® offers an interactive platform aimed at the stimulation of public awareness with respect to the Defense of Life (Rights of the Child and Environmental Rights), aiming to propagate a message of respect and preservation to the greatest number of recipients possible.

"Because freedom comes through knowledge!"

The platform, which is supported by a number of international organizations, is communal, familial and multimedia in nature. As such, the site brings together persons sharing a vision of respect for the earth and its inhabitants, said individuals their own well being as well as that of future generations.

By accessing our internet site, www.CyberDodo.com and its extensions (hereinafter referred to as the « Site ») you (hereinafter referred to as the « User ») declare to have read, understood and agree to be bound by the present CyberDodo Terms of Service (or contract, also « TOS »)

A contract is thus established between the User and the Site effective from first instance of use of the site, regardless of whether the User is a registered member of CyberDodo. CyberDodo reserves all right to update or modify one or more terms of the present TOS at any time and without prior notification.

If the User continues to use the Site following said modifications, he thereby indicates acceptance of the new TOS. If such agreement does not exist, the User is asked to not access the site. It is the responsibility of the User to regularly visit the Site and to acquaint him or herself with potential modifications that have been made to the TOS thereof.

Warnings :

CyberDodo® would like to draw the User’s attention to the fact that extensive amounts of time spent looking at a computer screen may be harmful to your health and may elicit elipetic attacks, depending on the sensitivity, or prior health conditions of the User.

Subject to respect for the General TOS, all legal adults have the right of access to the site or to give permission for such use to a minor of which s/he is the legal representative; by extension, subject to respect for the General TOS, all legal adults have the right to become a member of the site or to give permisson for such membership to a minor of which s/she is legal representative.
It is strongly suggested that the legal representative of an underage User employs parental control software as to filter content that is inappropriate for children and thereby ensure an appropriate usage of the Site. Said legal representative has sole responsibility for the use of such filters. It is moreover recommended to each underage User of the site to not give out personal information such as their address or telephone number on the internet, nor arrange a meeting with anyone over the net, given that doing any of the above may be dangerous.
The international nature of the site requires all users to respect the national laws of their respective country of residence relevant to regulation of the Site, and of relevance to the present TOS.


At the time of registration, the future member must complete the following fields :

Nickname : Freely chosen, under the condition that it is available and does not contravene good morals. If the nickname is not available, the future member must/should modify the name until he finds one that is available for use.

Password : Freely chosen, given that it respects given base criteria, namely a minimum of 6 characters (letters or digits)

E-mail : In order to be able to receive the message containing a link confirming successful registration, the provision of a valid e-mail is essential.

Areas of interest : In order to receive updates and news concerning their areas of interest, and also for the completion of their profile to find friends or initiate exchanges with other members, future members may complete this field (Optional).

Age : The future member must indicate his/her exact date of birth in order to take advantage of registration procedures and protections adapted to his/her age.

Captcha : The future member shall recopy the series of characters exactly as they are displayed

The future member shall then confirm his registration by clicking on « Enable ». An e-mail message containing a link with which to complete the future member’s registration will be sent to the e-mail address that has been provided.

Intellectual Property :

CyberDodo®, as well as the content thereof, is protected by Authors’ Rights and has been made the object of national and international trademark protection (WIPO no.749922/629382).

CyberDodo® is the exclusive owner of all intellectual property rights to the site and the content thereof (animated cartoons, games, quizes, texts, photographs, illustrations, logos, layouts, templates, headers, button icons, scripts and denominations designating the services of CyberDodo etc.) The content reproduced on the Site is protected by Authors’ Rights, and the reproduction or distribution thereof, without express written consent by CyberDodo, shall constitute a legal infraction punishable by penal sanctions.

« CyberDodo® » and « Dodo the Return®» are registered trademarks and any non-authorised reproduction of these marks, logos and distinctive signs shall constitute forgery punishable by penal sanctions (Intellectual Property Code – Madrid Protocol (International Registration of Marks)).

The User has sole responsibility for all User Content that he posts online and agrees that such information shall not infringe upon the rights of a third party. The loading of User Content by a User implies possession of broadcast rights by the User. The User guarantees to abstain from all legal recourse and agrees to be responsible for any and all costs arising from such legal recourse.

Rights and Responsibilities of the User :

The Site is available for use by any User free of charge, said party being responsible for all internet costs as well as diverse costs related to the maintenance thereof, or software necessary for access to the Site.

Certain sections of the site are reserved for Members following provision of their respective Identifiier and Password. The responsibility for the protection of this data and the keeping private of password, identifier or nickname information falls to the User.
The User agrees to indemnify CyberDodo and/or its partners against any and all claims or dammages arising from a third party and related to use of the site or from the non-respect of the TOS. The User is solely responsible for all instances of use of his account as well as all actions associated with the use of his or her account.
The Site is strictly available for private and non-commercial use.
The User agrees that any element sent via his or her account shall not contravene the rights of a third party (Authors’ Rights, Trade Mark Rights, Privacy, Image Rights and other personal or property rights). The User agrees to not :
- Copy, reproduce or distribute in any manner the content of CyberDodo, in contradistinction to the terms of exclusive use stipulated by the Site.
- Use the Site for illegal ends or in a way that could harm the Site in any way.
- Put on the Site content in any form that is prejudicial, illegal, defamatory, vulgar or obscene in nature or that interferes with the privacy or image of someone, or incites violence or racial hatred. To this end and pursuant to current regulations in effect, all Users are able to notify CyberDodo administrators of the existence of abusive content directly on the Site.
- Put on line videos or material that represent children without the express consent of their legal representative.
- Falsify or conceal his or her age or to use the identity of another artifiicial or natural person.
- Collect e-mail addresses or other user information from the Site in any way.
- Put on line in any way one or several messages containing content of an advertising or promotional nature.
- Put on the Site any personal information of a third party such as address, telephone number or e-mail, etc.
- Load any elements containing a computer virus.
- Use or attempt to use the account, service or system of an other party or parties without the express consent of CyberDodo, or to create a false identity on the Site.
- Put on line any illegal content preventing others from using the Site and which is prejudicial to CyberDodo.

Right and responsibilities of CyberDodo :

As to best protect the child members of its community, CyberDodo allows parents to register several children (a maximum of 4) using the same e-mail address to which shall be sent all notifications/data with respect to the accounts of said children.

In collaboration with their partner, Interpol, CyberDodo has put in place registration procedures deisgned to protect and reassure Users, especially minors, and to warn them that tortious acts committed on the site are subject to prosecution

CyberDodo reserves the right to refuse all requests for access to Service, at their unilateral discretion and without prior notification, to any User who fails to respect the present TOS.

CyberDodo reserves the right to interupt, temporarily suspend or modify without prior notice access to all or part of the Site, for purposes of maintenance, or for any other reason, without a such interruption implying entitlement to any obligation or indemnification.

CyberDodo carries out all reasonable means at their disposal to ensure a quality experience of access to the Site, but is under no obligation to do so.

CyberDodo may not, moreover, be held liable for any event that prevents or limits access to Service, especially a network or server malfunction of any type.

All collection and processing of personal information on the CyberDodo Site is subject to (French) « Loi 1.072 relative à l'informatique, aux fichiers et aux libertés » (Act n°1.072 of 27 June 1984 on Data Processing, Data Files and Individual Liberties) and has made a CCIN declaration to this effect number 2010.01931.

In compliance with Law 1.072 of (French) « Loi Informatiques et Libertés » (Law for Computer Files and Freedom), CyberDodo gurantees the User the right to access, correct and challenge personal information concerning him/her. To exercise this right please contact : contact (at) cyberdodo.com

The CyberDodo site is a community-based information site for the sensitization/raising of public awareness of the Rights of the Child and Environmental Rights. As there are multiple sources for the information distributed on the CyberDodo site, CyberDodo cannot guarantee the accuracy or relevance thereof.

The User agrees to carry out all actions necessary to protect the confidentiality of his or her personal data. Nonetheless, CyberDodo undertakes to provide all means necessary to guarantee the security and confidentiality of data transmitted via the Site. The User is hereby notified that one or more cookies, containing no personal information, may be sent to his or her computer to facilitate his or her identification.

The User recognizes the impossibility of a total guarantee of the security of the interchange of data. As such, CyberDodo cannot be held responsible for injuries resulting from the transmission of any information, including therewith, a User’s identifier or password via the Site.

CyberDodo proposes links to external websites that are edited or managed by third parties. Insofar as no controls have been carried out with respect to these external resources, the User agrees to not hold CyberDodo reponsible for the provision of these types of resources and/or the content thereof

CyberDodo agrees to immediately remove all content that fails to respect the Authors’ Rights of a third party or that are reported as being abusive by the CyberDodo member community. CyberDodo’s responsibility shall be limited to said removal, to the formal exclusion of any other action(s).

Editor :

The www.CyberDodo.com site is edited by the CyberDodo Productions Ltd.