CyberDodo has the patronage of S.A.S Prince Albert II of Monaco

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« Monaco Process »

The "Monaco Process" is the Council of Europe's three-year-long program which mission is the promotion of the rights of the child and the eradication of violence.

One of its challenges is to offer to Member States methodologies, tools and networks to make possible a true participation of young people. The distribution of Edupack to the forty-six members of the Council of Europe and its supply to all European schools are an important contribution of Monaco. Contrary to many existing publications, Edupack Cyber Dodo, made up of forty comic strips including the Declaration of the Rights of the Child, will offer easy and natural access to all kids.

CyberDodo has the patronage of S.A.S Prince Albert II of Monaco

Children, in the Principality, are privileged but we always had the concern of protecting and informing them about their rights. It is a responsible approach which will enable them to better understand the sometimes unbearable treatments that many children are subject to, in the world, still today.

I hope that this action will effectively contribute to promote these rights so that the children become themselves the eager defenders of this cause.